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You are likely reading this section because you want to understand how to scale and leverage the power of Social Selling training across the entire enterprise.  As a Sales Enablement, Marketing, or Sales leader, you’ve heard a lot about Social Selling, but you’ve likely heard a lot about the “façade” of it as well. Here is our belief: There are two reasons why your Social Selling training program will primarily fail or will fail. What are they?

  1. You haven’t developed an adoption strategy backed by gamification, KPI measurement, and success stories.
  2. Your training program doesn’t speak the language of the sales rep.

Our team has been trained by one of the leading experts in Social Selling — our CEO, Mario Martinez Jr. In fact, Mario is not only one of the leading authorities on Social Selling; he has been in YOUR shoes AND implemented one of the most successful Social Selling programs in 2015! It was so successful, that LinkedIn Corporation requested him to share how he was able to drive 100% rep adoption and drive nearly $2.5 million in annual contract value within four months of launch.

Social Selling Training

Our social selling training program takes the guesswork out of who, when, how, where, and why. We will work with your leadership, training and enablement teams, and introduce a complete adoption strategy, which will promote success, AND deliver the end user training to drive massive success and fill the sales funnel. We will help ensure your entire business is running on all cylinders and converting hot sales leads into revenue.

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