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Are you looking for a kick-butt keynote speaker to fire up the crowds and deliver meaningful content?


Perfect! You’re in the right place. Mario has mastered the art of leveraging social media to build a brand, which maps to the buyer’s journey. He leverages social networking to create and nurture buying relationships, which drives more business. Having sold and led sales teams for the last 18 years, Mario combines the science of sales with the art of Social Selling, Employee Advocacy and Modern Marketing techniques to create a perfect recipe of success. In case you are wondering, he has not made a cold call or sent a spray and pray email in a long time. How can you learn more?

The answer is to book Mario Martinez, Jr. as your next keynote speaker. When you invite him to speak at your event, you will be receiving the following:

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As a Keynote Speaker, Mario has been engaged by brands such as LinkedIn, SAP, and Cisco Capital to speak to small executive groups and crowds upwards of 20,000 people. He has managed hundreds of millions of dollars per year in sales revenue in the Global, Enterprise, Commercial, SMB and Public Sector segments. He not only speaks on things he has done, but he also speaks on things that have worked.

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It’s one thing to book a speaker who says all the right things, it’s another thing altogether to book a speaker that will engage your audience! Mario not only has the experience to help your listeners grow as professionals, but he will also entertain them along the way so they can learn and have a great time.

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Mario can adapt the topic to the needs of the audience, from the importance of developing a social brand, to increasing sales volume and generating better leads, through leveraging social networks to do research, be relevant, and build relationships. He speaks the language of a sales rep having spent 18 years in sales and leadership, while at the same time he can connect with the modern marketing team to help drive more sales.

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Mario loves what he does, and that is obvious from the moment the words begin to flow. Passion is a word that most would use to describe him. You can be certain of one thing when you book him to speak: No one will be falling asleep on his watch!

Still Not Convinced?

As a leading authority on both sales and social selling, Mario has helped transform small, medium, and large (Fortune 100) businesses and sales teams, into high performance powerhouses. He has made a name for himself, not just because of his leadership and team building expertise, but also due to his unique business capabilities, his inherent ability to help implement social selling programs and connect buyers through a personal social brand.

It only took 45 days for the PGI Social Selling Program to attribute over $1.4 million in annual contract value under Mario’s careful leadership role as the executive sponsor. That number skyrocketed to over $4 million within the first six months, and they closed nearly half a million dollars in annual contract value.

When he’s not taking the world of social selling by storm, Mario enjoys spending time with his two small children and his wife, who makes the best kimchi in the world! His favorite hobby is socializing (you read that right – socializing), and he enjoys staying up to date on all the latest technologies and innovations, both in the world of social networking and elsewhere. All of these traits combined make Mario a perfect keynote speaker.

Given that he loves getting the chance to meet and talk to new people, if you want to know more about Mario all you have to do is ask!

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Don’t just believe us, listen to what Randy Spratt has to say. Randy was arguably one of the most influential CIO’s in corporate american history and he also was one of Mario’s largest customers! At the time, he was the EVP, CIO, and CTO, a direct report to the CEO of McKesson Corporation, a Fortune 10 company.