We will help you shatter sales results by teaching you to leverage social networks properly to connect with today's modern buyer

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Why M3Jr Growth Strategies?

When typical sales strategies aren’t producing the results you want, it’s time to step away from the ˥∀WɹON. Mario Martinez Jr. (one of just a few to achieve the coveted 99/100 LinkedIn SSI score) and his team can show you how to drive change and explode your sales pipeline with extraordinary ideas that are beyond the normal sales & marketing methodologies. Don’t do what’s ˥∀WɹON!  The modern buyer has completely changed the game on you–so the sales methodologies which got you here, won’t get you there!

Our team has a proven track record of growing revenues from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. How do we do it? Simply put, we don’t do ˥∀WɹON, and neither should you! In short, we will help you…

Connect to the Modern Buyer

Normal doesn’t engage today’s digitally connected & socially enabled buyer. Social Selling does!

Shatter Sales Results

Normal doesn’t explode sales results. Social Selling does!

Explode Your Brand

Normal doesn’t exponentially increase brand awareness. Social Selling does!


Finding a voice that speaks to the needs of the modern buyer means understanding who they are and what they need.

Develop a level of relevance by engaging with insight and mapping content to the buyers journey.

Building a strong and trusting buyer relationship means you are helping them solve business problem(s).

When you attempt to understand, relate, and build a relationship by helping not selling then sales will follow.


Mario Martinez Jr. can help you increase sales through social selling.

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Driving 100% Rep Adoption by Making Social Selling Fun!

Watch our CEO Mario Martinez Jr. present at LinkedIn Sales Connect 2015 on the topic “Driving 100% Rep Adoption by Making Social Selling Fun.” As the former VP of Sales for a SaaS company, Mario served as the Executive Sponsor for the North America Social Selling roll-out. Yes he walked a mile in YOUR shoes and we are now teaching others how to do it!

In his presentation, you will discover how sales leadership engagement (or lack thereof), can make or break your success. You will also learn that it is possible to drive 100% rep adoption and blow up your team’s pipeline. He also provides you with a tangible action plan to get your sales force to adopt Social Selling and become customer focused helpers. Need help with driving a social selling program to success? Contact us!


Today's buyers are digitally, socially, and mobile-enabled. They have access to information without having to reach out to you. They have changed the game on you. You've used selling techniques that have gotten you here, but those are not techniques which will move you there. Don't do ˥∀WɹON! Contact us!